#42 The Return Of Andrea Allan & Emily Lubin! Hot Mess LA Invasion & MeMe's #DragCon Adventures!

Today MeMe has the amazingly hot messes Andrea Allan & Emily Lubin (@HotMessPodcast) make a return visit to the pod!  All the ladies are invading LA as budding media moguls & we all got to gab & get deep from MeMe's amazing room at the Standard Hotel in downtown Los Angeles!

Andrea's adventures as a traveling KATG minion | Hot Mess Technical Issues while banking shows pre LA trip | The weirdness that is the LA "scene" | MeMe's adventures as a media mogul in the making aka first Press Pass to #DragCon #RupaulsDragCon | Transitioning from the VIP experience to the Press Pass level | Female Body Modifications | Dating in 2018 | Kanye or IG Inspiration Post | Plead the wig | Speed round! 

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