#29 SF Drag Legend: The Countess Katya Smirnoff-Skyy

Today MeMeCherry is joined by San Francisco drag legend: the Countess Katya Smirnoff-Skyy!

Katya's Countess Origin Story | Drag Queens with "older" characters | Growing up as a SF Bay Area native | Dive into the San Francisco ever changing & growing scene | Drag Scene Post-Rupaul's Drag Race | "Look at You!" inspired by Hey Qween's "Look at Huh" | Please donate to the Glittery Pirate Ship! ~> SOFEpod.com/Contact | "Dragtionary" game courtesy of Willam's "Suck Less" | Katya, A Bitter Sweet 90's Symphony | Katya's aesthetic sources of inspiration

Katya on FB


#28 "Misfit Cabaret" w/ Kat Robichaud

MeMe is joined by the Theatrical Rock Power House - Kat Robichaud

Kat's origin story | Misfit Cabaret | The Voice | Song for David Bowie | The last waltz of the Wrights | The apple pie & The knife | Uh Oh | Everybody loves puppets! | Love of drag | Kat's Patreon | Willam's "Dragtionary" game | Kat will be performing at Project Runway 8: Sinfinity on Aug 19th


#27 SF "Baby Drag Queen" Florida Mann

MeMe is joined by the a Boricua compadre: Florida Man! 

Today we take a journey into the life of Florida: 

Boricuas in the house! | Baby Drag Queen phase | Techie Queen | Introverted Sensitive Soul Rabbit hole | Adversity builds character | Drag as a life saver | "Look at youz" | Willam's "Suck Less" Dragtionary game | "Don't do Meth" |

instagram.com/florida_mann |

#26 "Philanthropic Power Couple" Richie & Sean from @PortBarOakland

Today MeMeCherry is joined by Richie Fuentes & Sean Sullivan, owners of the The Port Bar in Oakland (MeMe's home away from home).

| We chat about: Richie & Sean's philanthropic work | The inspiration behind The Port Bar as Oakland's unofficial LGBTQ center (with great cocktails!) | Inspiration behind the name & design of the bar | Oakland's LGBTQ scene | Silent Co-host Antonio Castellanos (@JoteriaOficial) sends in a question for Richie & Sean | Make sure to leave an iTunes review to help the glittery pirate ship sail more amazing seas! | What are Richie & Sean doing to help the community survive & thrive the attack from the current administration | Port Bar is open 7 days a week with amazing treats every night! | Richie's work with Frameline 41 Festival | Call to action to support organizations working for the LGBTQ causes |


#25 "Trusting the process" w/ Sam Sebastian

Today MeMe chats with the inspiring Sam Sebastian.

Join us for a very deep conversation about surviving dark times & the journeys we take that bring us into the light:

Synchronicity | Working as a bodywork healer | Training at the Esalen Institute | Growing up as a queer kid in the Mormon church | The journeys into the dark parts of the soul | Falling down the rabbit hole till you finally see the light | Shining light on trauma & shame | Trusting the healing process once committed to it

This is a very raw & emotional conversation that I am honored to share.

Thank you Sam xo

#24 "Jotería" w/ Antonio Castellanos

Today MeMe is joined by the amazing artist, Antonio Castellanos & his partner Sanjay Sinha.  

Join us for this fun & inspiring discussion:

The inspiration behind the Jotería Project | La Rosa de Guadalupe | Santa Pari Taim | Jotería the video project! | His collaborative work with illustrator Victor Guiza | Antonio & Sanjay's coming out stories | From craigslist hookup to loving relationship | Working with Sean & Richard, owners of The Port Bar in Oakland | A mini breakdown of some of the inspiration behind the Jotería images | Word Association with Willam's "Suck Less" Dragtionary

Antoca Photo | Joteria Oficial

"Cha Cha Bitch" by AB Soto