#55 Dragcon 2019 w/ Matty Rants + Jakeyonce

MeMe invades Dragcon 2019 & gets her just on with Youtube darlings: Matty Rants + Jakeyonce!

Dragcon run down | Content creating in 2019 | Youtube lyfe | “Go to bed Wig” Youtube edition | “Just the Tip” Dragcon edition

Matty Twitter | Matty IG | Matty Youtube

Jakeyonce Twitter | Jakeyonce IG | Jakeyonce Youtube

Children of More w/ Voodonna Black

After a teeny hiatus, MeMeCherry starts a new season (might as well go with seasons! lol) joined by San Francisco darling: Voodonna Black!

Member of the Legendary House of More | Tips from a Flawless Makeup Qween | Pride season is around the corner! | The Power of the Gay Dollar | What is “Camp”? | “Just the Tip” Game | “Marry-Shag-Pill” Fashion Edition! | “Go to Bed WIG” Drag Race Edition | Speed Round | Say Hi to MeMe @ DragCon LA!

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#53 Gold Standard w/ Willam Belli

MeMe is joined by one of her “Holy Grail” guests: Willam!

Willam, the Patron Saint of Gogo Boys, aka MeMe’s Gold Standard of Drag | Give the doll her E.G.O.T.! | On tour with M&P Hater’s Roast + Peaches Christ’s “Mean Gays” | Youtube shenanigans | Shag/Marry/Kill - Music Albums Edition | “Just the Tip” Game | “Plead the Wig” Game | “Suck Less” reverse game | Speed Round!

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Peaches Christ “Mean Gays'“ Tickets

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#52 "The process continues" w/ Sam Sebastian

MeMe has another return guest: Sam Sebastian!

Most dowloaded show in SOFEpod history | Updates on the progress of “the process” | Transformative Bodywork | Judy Garland Stonewall connection | Chakras quiz

Sam’s FB Page

#25 “Trusting the process” w/ Sam Sebastian

#51 - New Year/New Intro Song w/ Chasma

MeMe’s friend Chasma joins her for this official first episode of 2019!

New Podcast Intro Song from the amazing @AdamJosephMusic | MeMe’s Bday Celebration Thank U’s to Ria (MeMePearl) & The Port Bar | Top 10 New Year’s Resolutions | Getting “Flewd Out” to the “Twerk” Video | Celibacy is the new aesthetic | 90 Day Fiancé aka Train Wreck you can’t look away from | Marriage Bootcamp “Hip Hop Edition” | Soulja Boy “Draaaaake!” | Smash or Pass top 12 Hot Disney Characters | | Urban Movie you would want to see on Broadway | “Go to Bed WIG | “Fyre” Netflix Documentary | 

Adam Joseph Twitter

#50 Adiós 2018 / ¡Hola 2019!

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