#16 SF Drag Queens Kylie Minono & Echoria Paisley

MeMe is joined by SF Drag Queens Kylie Minono & Echoria Paisley after an amazing drag show at The Port Bar in Oakland hosted by SF Queen Carne Asada.

*Forgive the manic energy of this show, it was recorded late at night & after a few drinks at the drag show...  It's a bit all over the place, but a FUN time!

We chat about: Kylie's early days working the monster truck rally bathroom stalls | The birth of her drag career in San Francisco via fundraising | MeMe's inner drag queen | The growth & development of Kylie's drag style with her drag mother Cookie Dough | SF Drag Scene & Rupaul's Drag Race | The house animals crash the party | The Avanté Garde beauty of SF Drag Queens like Creme Fatale & Abominatrix | The amazing contributions to the SF Drag Scene made by Peaches Christ | Follow MeMeCherry IG for the live crazy moments | Look at youz! (copyright Look at Huh - Jonny McGovern / Hey Qween) | MeMe's love & reverence of drag queens | Speed Round!!!