#45 "Gay is the New Jesus" w/ Finn Deerhart

Another amazing returning guest: Finn Deerhart!

Unexpected feedback from the last time Finn was on SOFEpod from "The Woman" | The humbling effect of being present & real | Survival mode vs SURVIVAL MODE | The Re-emancipation of MeMeCherry | Looking at queer sexuality through a new lens | Finn's work coaching queer men | Boundaries aka learning how to say "No" | Why/How/When do we celebrate "Pride" | Finn's work to help us all drop our "Shame" - Shoutout to @ShameBooth | Gay is the New Jesus | #Authenticity - "White Washed Tombs"| Ministry 2.0 | What is Social Madea talkin' bout | #KavanaughHearings | Shane Dawson's new series "Mind of Jake Paul" | Empathy for self | Make sure to check out Finn's website & leave a comment @ SOFEpod.com