#11 San Francisco Drag Queen: Creme Fatale

MeMe's guest on this episode is the amazing San Francisco Drag Queen: Creme Fatale @CremeFatale on IG | @Creme_Fatale on Twitter | The start of her drag career in LA | The start of her makeup artist career as a drag artist discovered on IG | Some of the inspirations behind her prolific drag looks & conceptual performances | Her upcoming appearance at Drag Con (04/29-04/30) | Getting kicked out of Denny's for wearing drag makeup? | Creme's reverse strip tease | Season 10 RPDR accepting Bio Queens | SF Queens to look out for | Drag Club Etiquette | Send Creme Memes!

*"Look at huh" feat. her drag family & queens she has worked with:

Laundra Tyme | Scarlett Letters | Boulet Brothers | Heklina | Au Jus | Hexate | The Oasis | Lady Bear | Carne Asada | Amanda Bang   | Raven | Trixie Mattel | Farrah Moan | Raja | Chad Michaels | Kim Chi | Katya | Imp Queen | Sister Roma |

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