#51 - New Year/New Intro Song w/ Chasma

MeMe’s friend Chasma joins her for this official first episode of 2019!

New Podcast Intro Song from the amazing @AdamJosephMusic | MeMe’s Bday Celebration Thank U’s to Ria (MeMePearl) & The Port Bar | Top 10 New Year’s Resolutions | Getting “Flewd Out” to the “Twerk” Video | Celibacy is the new aesthetic | 90 Day Fiancé aka Train Wreck you can’t look away from | Marriage Bootcamp “Hip Hop Edition” | Soulja Boy “Draaaaake!” | Smash or Pass top 12 Hot Disney Characters | | Urban Movie you would want to see on Broadway | “Go to Bed WIG | “Fyre” Netflix Documentary | 

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