#40 "Suspiciously Large Woman" w/ Bob the Drag Queen

The list of illustrious guests gets an amazing gold star on it as @thatonequeen = Bob the Drag Queen joins MeMe to celebrate the one year anniversary of the pod!

Pls excuse the teeny tech issue at front - worth sticking around for | Purse first! | Bob's amazing credits including his current role in Angels in America @ the Berkley Rep Theater | Adjusting to the gender spectrum in the Bay Area's Grinder | "If they can, why can't I?" aka Bob's version of The Secret | The pig roast = The roast of Heklina | Working w/ "Boy-once" aka Todrick Hall | "Suspiciously Large Woman" on Amazon Prime & iTunes = Bob's comedy special, also The first time Bob's dad saw him on stage | The RPDR/Rupaul gender identity controversy | Catch bob's opinions on twitter | The continuous fight against misogyny in the Queer community | We are all born naked & the rest is drag | Trannsiiiiitiiiooooon! The spectrum of the transition journey | One year Anniversary of the Pod!!! | Genesis of Bob The Drag Queen | Kitten w/ a Whip => Bob TDQ | Bob's RHOA intro | Bob as a feat guest on THE TRIXIE & KATYA SHOW | "Let me keep it on" aka season 9 face crack via Valentina | All Stars 3 parties @ The Port Bar | #TeamTrixie | Drag Race viewing parties = Queer football season leading to Gay Superbowl/Drag Race finale | New Games! Word Assoc & Plead the wig | Old school games: Speed Round & Go to bed Wig! | Drag fandom convo = new digital era we live in as fans/performers |