#46 Lady Voldemort <A.K.A. Florida Man> Flies again!

MeMeCherry gets to be one of the last stops on Florida Man’s farewell tour AKA till we see her again in the new year! We also get the fun stylings of Mama Celeste as Peanut Gallery AND Game Player!

| “Last time on SOFEpod = Florida Mann” | Developing into a “Garbage Pail Pageant Queen” | Little Miss Monster | Mother Star Search | Post tech lyfe | Prodigal queen heads home | Re-visiting the rabbit hole | Going viral | How Dangerous is it to be this WoMan | The bridges that we build & burn | “Just the Tip” | “Speed Round” | “Go to bed Wig” |

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#45 "Gay is the New Jesus" w/ Finn Deerhart

Another amazing returning guest: Finn Deerhart!

Unexpected feedback from the last time Finn was on SOFEpod from "The Woman" | The humbling effect of being present & real | Survival mode vs SURVIVAL MODE | The Re-emancipation of MeMeCherry | Looking at queer sexuality through a new lens | Finn's work coaching queer men | Boundaries aka learning how to say "No" | Why/How/When do we celebrate "Pride" | Finn's work to help us all drop our "Shame" - Shoutout to @ShameBooth | Gay is the New Jesus | #Authenticity - "White Washed Tombs"| Ministry 2.0 | What is Social Madea talkin' bout | #KavanaughHearings | Shane Dawson's new series "Mind of Jake Paul" | Empathy for self | Make sure to check out Finn's website & leave a comment @ SOFEpod.com


#44 "Doggie Chow, Trimspa & Rainbow Revolutions" w/ April Kidwell

Today MeMe has a blast w/ April Kidwell, aka Nomi in the upcoming "I, Nomi"

We chat about: Being a performer with Peaches Christ Productions| "I'm SO Excited! I'm SOO Exciiiteeed! I'm SO SCARED!" | Baby thespian years | April's work w/ Earthship Homes in Santa Fe, New Mexico & Aguada, Puerto Rico | Bay Area being the current home for so many Racially Tense viral videos (BBQ Becky/Permit Patty/Etc) | Nomi plays "Plead the Wig" | Anna Nicole Smith plays "Showgirls Trivia" & "Go to Bed Wig" | Speedround | Tearing your labia during a pre-show poo | April's #MeToo moment | Stop fighting on the internet & talk to each other! | Go see April at "I, Nomi"!

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#43 #LocalQueen Venus Soleil!

Today MeMe takes soft l's, no hard l's today!  We chat with amazing local queen Venus Soleil:

Theater beginnings as a Venus Fly Trap | NYC living | Origins of a Venus Soleil | For the love of Drag | The pod is haunted once again by the ghost cat | Paco update | #FitnessQueen | Shoutout to The Port Bar! | BBQ Becky + her new boyfriend Lake Jogger | Best songs to celebrate pride Game | Got bed WIG Game | Plead the Wig | Speedround!

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#42 The Return Of Andrea Allan & Emily Lubin! Hot Mess LA Invasion & MeMe's #DragCon Adventures!

Today MeMe has the amazingly hot messes Andrea Allan & Emily Lubin (@HotMessPodcast) make a return visit to the pod!  All the ladies are invading LA as budding media moguls & we all got to gab & get deep from MeMe's amazing room at the Standard Hotel in downtown Los Angeles!

Andrea's adventures as a traveling KATG minion | Hot Mess Technical Issues while banking shows pre LA trip | The weirdness that is the LA "scene" | MeMe's adventures as a media mogul in the making aka first Press Pass to #DragCon #RupaulsDragCon | Transitioning from the VIP experience to the Press Pass level | Female Body Modifications | Dating in 2018 | Kanye or IG Inspiration Post | Plead the wig | Speed round! 

Hot Mess FB | Hot Mess IG



#41 - SF Superstar: Mahlae Balenciaga

Today MeMe is joined by the amazing Mahlae Balenciaga!

Beychella | Cardi B | Drag Race | Mahlae's RPDR Viewing parties | MeMe is invading LA Drag Con this year! | Mahlae's upcoming role in "Steel Dragnolias" | Wendy Williams | #LocalTouringQueen | New Game! Kanye or IG Inspo Post | Plead the wig | Go to bed wig | Speed Round!

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