#12 Anthony J. Williams @anthoknees - Creating Essays, Tweets & Black Queerness

Join MeMe & her special guest: Anthony J Williams @anthoknees - Writer, editor & self described "people studier".

MeMe & Anthony discuss Anthony's inspirational twitter feed + a sample of his essays | The Pepsi/Kendall Jenner ad controversy | Twitter thread re: "Black person (singular) in the room" | Racial undertones in advertising | Bernice King's response to the Pepsi ad | Pepsi's insensitive response to the controversy | Misogyny in the queer community | Anthony's experience as a black queer man | The journey of Self Love | How do we take care of the lost kids in our community | MeMe's family connection to Resistance & Revolution | Anthony's struggle with mental illness & how much he inspires MeMe & others with his candor

"Let’s stop coddling white feelings"

"Only fags bottom: recreating toxic masculinities in queer communities"

"Attack of the misguided nazis and their white feminist enablers"

"Depressions feels like decay in real time"

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