#22 Mini Pod!

New mini-sode, get into MeMe's Adventures:

Sliding into Drag Queen/Artist DM's | Running into the amazing @Deb | Adam Joseph Music Video Fundraiser | Ye olde broni mitchell show: the wedding of Laundra and Scarlett | MeMeCPhoto.com/bronimitchellwedding | Joteria Pre Launch at the Port Bar Oakland | RPDR Finale Update | Pride San Francisco Parties | Erickatoure Aviance "Ovah" (Adam Joseph Extended Mix)


#21 "Twerking on her face" feat. Billy Procida

MeMe is joined by @TheBillyProcida from The Manwhore Podcast for some uncensored chat time!

"The curious kink of Billy Procida" | Saving upper middle class princesses in the mini castles of San Francisco | A preview of some of the amazing stories you can hear on Billy's pod | Fucking in cars | Scheduling fuck sessions on your iCal | Car Sex Jenga | MeMeCherry's brief stints in various forms of sex work | Gateways in the Whore-archy | Pro-subbing is a specific art form | Memoirs of a Rentable Girlfriend | How to mitigate risk when engaging in sex work or sex play | Paying the rent with a finish in the pants lap dance | Confessions of paid whore-dom | Breakdown of Billy's "Stranger Play" concept | Twerking on lady's face while she is blindfolded | The hard work required to organize a gang bang | Sex party etiquette




#20 Black Mast

Let's have a Kiki and Celebrate Pride Month! MeMe is joined by the amazing duo behind the SF based Black Mast brand: Brandon & Marie (Black-Mast.com) aka where MeMeCherry got her new pod logo from! *yay!*

In this episode we discuss:  The birth of the company & the inspiration behind the name Black Mast | The sources of inspiration behind the creations | Disney Goth-ness | The inspiration that is Tim Burton | The incredible art created by Drag Queens | The Drag Con experience as a vendor | Look at Youz! AKA my social media stalking the guests | Embracing the term Drag Hag | Our LOVE for Creme Fatale! | Drag Club Etiquette & more!

#19 MaskGate | "Valentina" by @MitchFerrino | Qweenz English "Mopping is Stealing"

New mini-sode alert! MeMe waxes poetically about the recent RPDR "MaskGate"! It's not an eye synch or a glove synch Valentina, it's a lip synch! MeMe also shares a hot take on why the elimination may have happened, was it planned? | MeMe gives a mini break down of the Trixie Mattel "3 ages and up" show at the Oasis & the Outloud storytelling series by Peaches Christ | Upcoming events in SF | DJ Mitch Ferrino's latest track hitting the web, the bitch track "Valentina" feat. Rupaul | Qweenz English - "Mopping is Stealing"

Fun mini-sode!


#18 SF Wigologist & Drag Queen: @LaundraTyme

MeMe is joined by the amazingly talented wig master & drag queen @LaundraTyme! 

Coming to you from deep inside a drag coven in SF, we discuss:

Rupaul's Drag Race season 9 finalists predictions | Laundra Tyme is a meme queen like her daughter Creme Fatale (send them memes!) | Is Avril dead? The internet thinks so...  Is Biblegirl666 dead? The internet thinks so! | Laundra's drag family history | The current SF drag scene | Laundra's budding wig empire! | Working through personal issues via drag performances | The amazingly talented superstars Laundra has worked with | Look at You! (trademark Hey Qween - Look at huh!) : )

This is SUCH a fun show! Get into it! 

#17 "With nothing but a jimmy on" feat. Jonah the roomie

MeMe is joined by her roommate Jonah "Bonah" to break down the art of dating in a modern world!

The evolution of MeMe's podcast set up from the maiden voyage to this episode! | "5 signs a guy is only using you for sex" | Dating apps | Jonah's vampiric dating ways | She + Metal | Has Jonah dipped in the boy pond? | Will MeMe date again? | Xanax/Oxycontin/Whiskey Girl | Lady Red Couture's new song ft. Adam Joseph Music - "24 Inch Magic"

This is a VERY fun episode! Get into the shenanigans!