#51 - New Year/New Intro Song w/ Chasma

MeMe’s friend Chasma joins her for this official first episode of 2019!

New Podcast Intro Song from the amazing @AdamJosephMusic | MeMe’s Bday Celebration Thank U’s to Ria (MeMePearl) & The Port Bar | Top 10 New Year’s Resolutions | Getting “Flewd Out” to the “Twerk” Video | Celibacy is the new aesthetic | 90 Day Fiancé aka Train Wreck you can’t look away from | Marriage Bootcamp “Hip Hop Edition” | Soulja Boy “Draaaaake!” | Smash or Pass top 12 Hot Disney Characters | | Urban Movie you would want to see on Broadway | “Go to Bed WIG | “Fyre” Netflix Documentary | 

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#50 Adiós 2018 / ¡Hola 2019!

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#49 Shots of Love w/ @ShotWithSoju

MeMe is closing out 2019 with the super sweet, hunny bunny: Soju!

| Traveling #LocalQueen | Baby Soju's journey from Korea to US | Soju's Youtube Show "Shot with Soju" | Making the move from Chicago to LA | Upgraded Shot with Soju Studio thanks to Hey Qween | Dragcon Adventures | Monthly Kpop Party @ Oasis | "Just the Tip" All Stars 4 Edition | Plead the wig | Speed Round | 

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#48 Return of Jotería w/ Antonio Castellanos

MeMe gets to have a Kiki with dear friend Antonio Castellanos!

| MeMe Life Updates | Rupaul’s Holislay Special Breakdown | Last time on SOFEpod | Jotería project update | Edits & Updates to the game | Learning from the stumbles & embracing the blessings | Taking the game on the road | Would You Rather |

Antonio’s first appearance on the show: #24 "Jotería" W/ Antonio Castellanos | Jotería Oficial | Antonio’s FB | Jotería FB | Joteria IG |

#47 Adventures in GoGo w/ @PapiOmnipotent

The holidays are in the air & MeMe is in the mood to have a fun pod with the super fun & handsome @PapiOmnipotent!

Holiday Doggie Sitting | Adventures in Gogo Dancing | Dancing & Modeling | Social media thirst traps that break IG | For the love of Drag | Fluidity of sexuality | Ms. Dory wants to say hiiieeoouull | Speed Round |

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#46 Lady Voldemort <A.K.A. Florida Man> Flies again!

MeMeCherry gets to be one of the last stops on Florida Man’s farewell tour AKA till we see her again in the new year! We also get the fun stylings of Mama Celeste as Peanut Gallery AND Game Player!

| “Last time on SOFEpod = Florida Mann” | Developing into a “Garbage Pail Pageant Queen” | Little Miss Monster | Mother Star Search | Post tech lyfe | Prodigal queen heads home | Re-visiting the rabbit hole | Going viral | How Dangerous is it to be this WoMan | The bridges that we build & burn | “Just the Tip” | “Speed Round” | “Go to bed Wig” |

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